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the beginning

i was in my 3rd semester, during that time i was doing internship at 2 startups + working on a CANSAT ( Can-Sized Satellite ). i went to the department hod at that time, and asked for some concession in attendance or something to make my life easier, but being the asshole he was, he refused and said to work on extra co-corricular activites, after the college hours.

that convo with him was a hammer in the nail, if the college does not care about me, then fck college. 5 days before 3rd sem exams, i called my mom, asked/told her that i am dropping out of college, and she was like okay, do whatever you want, just take care!. and that was it, i dropped out of college at 19.

that time i had 60K INR in my bank, and that was my 4-5 months of survival money. i dedicated my time to the startup i was working with back then ( still am ) and started picking up freelance projects. and eventually it all worked out.

so here’s this fund to support the tinkers

i’m not against college, i definitely think people should go college but for fun. i mean, if you are not enjoying the college, then why are you there? just drop out and do something you love.

at last, you have to calculate the opportunity cost of spending that time in college, if its’ worth it, then go for it, if not, then drop out. ( please don’t drop out if you don’t have a rough plan, that’s just stupid )

final note: i am not a dropout advocate, i am just sharing my story.